Unavoidable bad days


I’m trying so hard to make this blog become a daily thing, but I can’t help but have such a busy fucking schedule. I can’t wait until I quit this Milkshake City job and just focus on University and Diesel. I don’t know about most of you, but I love having structure in my life… I say this now, but if you asked me 1 year ago or before about structure I would’ve got a headache just thinking about routine, appointments and responsibilities. However, now I feel like I can’t live without updating my calendar every month.

I’ve become so much more organised than I was before 2016, it’s actually become fun for me. However, no matter how organised I am or how much I prepare for the week and feel positive about life in general, I cannot guarantee I’ll feel amazing everyday (unfortunately). There’ll always be a day in the week or month you just feel like shit because the whole world is going against you.

a few words to summarise my entire day: what the fuck

  • Suzie P x

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