The pressures of a new Biochemistry student

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know I just started Biochemistry year 2 at University. I done my first year in Biology and up until now I haven’t had any classes on Chemistry for at least 4 years. I’m not gonna lie, this is beginning to get very difficult for me. I’m quite far behind in class, because half of the time I’m not sure I know what’s going on… All these things about molarity/concentrations etc. really give me a headache.

I know it’s only like the second week into the first semester, but I’m starting to really doubt myself. Can I really pass this year with a decent grade? Am I able to learn all this new terminology/calculations in a short amount of time?



Pretty much all through my secondary school (when I was aged 11-16) I was in the lower set for maths and that meant in my end of year exams (GCSE’s) I could only get a maximum grade of C, because I was on foundation paper. And by the way, a C is as hard to get on a foundation paper as it is to get an A in the higher paper. At the time of secondary school I envisioned myself to be a physicist or an astronomer, but the reality was, I couldn’t become any of those unless I was good at mathematics – and I certainly wasn’t. I never understood anything in class.

Until, I was in my final year doing my GCSE’s. I was 15 years old with a dream to become the best astronomer in the world. I decided enough is enough, I need to get a mathematics tutor and get myself on the higher paper, so that I can achieve at least a B to do Physics A-Level. This drive inside me grew and grew and it gave me a purpose and that purpose was to succeed. I eagerly found myself a tutor and I was so excited to start this journey. My tutor was amazing, she disciplined me well and taught me about 5 years worth of mathematics within the space of only two months. Did I mention I only had about 2 months to learn everything on the higher paper? Well, yes. I did.

I had never been so prepared for an exam in my life and even until now, that’s been the only exam that I’ve been so completely and utterly ready for. I felt so confident that I felt nothing could touch me. I even left the exam feeling more confident. When results day came, I honestly felt sick to my stomach, but I knew I done well. I opened it and saw the letter B in bold next to mathematics and I just couldn’t stop smiling. My dreams were coming true and I succeeded with only 2 months to learn everything!

* of course this is before I realised physics is one big fucking impossible shambles

I just really wanted to share this with everyone and also remind myself that with drive and motivation ANYTHING is possible! So I CAN do this and I WILL do this! Even if it means I need to pay for a personal tutor or eat my Chemistry book.

With Love,












2 thoughts on “CHEMISTRY IS A MYTH

  1. Well I must certainly applaud your determination. I think you’ll be on top of things in no time, chemistry is much more easier than mathematics and physics. Why? Because you can use chemistry while cooking more than trigonometry. Chemistry is more practical than most subjects or that’s just the mad scientist in me talking 😛. When in college, I was so busy hating maths that chemistry felt like a breeze 😜

    As long as you have decided to learn chemistry, I’m sure you will succeed at mastering it soon. And hopefully you won’t have to eat the chemistry book to do it 😂😜👍👍

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    1. Thank you!
      Hahaha very true, it does have more implications in the real world than physics or mathematics. What did you do in college?
      LOL I really do hope I don’t resort to eating my book haha… I will get there!


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