How to perform “DIY fashion” when broke

I haven’t posted in such a long time (about like a week), only because I’ve kinda been busy with Uni and work… It gets hectic sometimes.

Anyways, I’ve recently found myself growing intense love for embroidered denim. I fell in love with these Gucci jeans not long ago and now I can’t stop obsessing over jeans covered in flowers. I remember seeing these embroidered denim jeans at work by Diesel couple months ago and just thinking “who would even buy that?”, but funnily enough – I’m now obsessed. It’s crazy how something little can change your whole perspective over a whole fashion trend.

We all know I cannot afford those very Gucci jeans lol ! Seeing as their above £1000 and all… I mean, even if I could i probably wouldn’t to be honest – only because they’re flared and it just looks funny to me.



Although, who knows I might also grow love for flared jeans soon? – (maybe not tbh).


“You know what, I will create my own embroidered denim jeans myself. I will transform an ordinary plain pair of jeans into a walking-visual of what my inner mind looks like, and I’ll keep them forever and ever.” Those were my exact thoughts. So I’ve decided, I’ll purchase some iron-on flower embroidery patches on Etsy or eBay or something and think of a design and then go from there.

I’m so excited to start this, I’ll keep you guys posted.


Suzie P x

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