Disappointments that lead to big realisations…

I was mid-way through my 9-6 shift at Diesel and my friend J messaged me asking me to go clubbing with her with a few other friends. After some thinking I decided I’ll join them, so after work I went to Mac cosmetics to re-do my makeup and I went to Zara to buy some heels and a cute blouse. So far, the whole world was going against me, I couldn’t find anything and when I did find something finally I had to rush to go toilet and once I came back I couldn’t find them anymore. I had a feeling that this was only the beginning of a very disappointing night.

I was right. However, I finally did buy myself a basic black T, some black over the knee suede boots. Once I finished shopping I went back to Selfridges toilets to finish my makeup. I forgot to mention how I was basically kicked out of Mac for using their products with my own brushes – on top of that she tried guilt tripping me to buying some of their products, but I walked away before she could serve me at the till… I guess I’ll be avoiding that department completely from now on lol! The only reason why I didn’t was, because I really wasn’t even there to purchase anything, I have everything that I need for now and I don’t believe in overspending for no reason.

Anyway, once I finished doing my makeup and changed clothes, I made my way to my friends car. We sat in her car eating KFC, drinking wine and rum (yes very bad mixture, don’t try this ever). Both my friends were also smoking weed… They were already buzzing and I was just getting started. At this point I realised my feet are absolutely killing me, because the boots were too tight – I also dropped a bit of the beans sauce on my jeans and it left a stain. This night seriously wasn’t going too well for me. I just don’t feel as glamorous when my clothes become stained. Well, to be honest I was in a car with weed, rum, wine and KFC: that is literally the definition of unglamorous LOL.

We decided to go Cirque le Soir in Carnaby Street London, but we were running late. When we got there we only queued up just to get rejected, because apparently it was full capacity. It was only like 12am. This is why I hate going out in London. How can it be full capacity that early? They just want more people to pay big money for tables. So we decided to go Dalston – there’s a club called Visions. I instantly knew this place wasn’t really my scene.








The first picture is of Cirque le Soir and the second is of Visions. That image of Visions is actually pretty decent for what the actual experience is like. You can already just tell the difference between the two places. No discrimination against those who love places like Visions, but honestly everything about it felt dirty. The whole street reeked of crime, adultery, vomit, beer and B.O. To make matters worse for me, the club was located underground between two stores.


It’s LITERALLY squeezed between a nail salon and a convenient store. Anyway, as soon as I went in, we collectively went into the toilet where there were puddles of either pee, alcohol or God knows what and a lady selling a bunch of brushes, chewing gum and other things. She just kept spraying the toilet, because she knew the smell was deathly – at least to those who were sober enough to register it.


We left the toilets as soon as we all finished and I took it upon myself to tell the girls I was going to leave. I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt like I was joining a Devil-worshipping cult. I wasted so much money, but at least I learnt something about myself: I’m really not that versatile, I don’t think I could ever enjoy my time in a place like that.

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