Kingston University?

hc1.jpgI made it my mission this summer to apply for a second year transfer to a University in London, where I’ll be close to home and honestly my heart will always be in London (for now anyway). I wrote a personal statement and completed my UCAS application in pretty much just one day. 29th of June – to now look back to college, where it took me and the rest of my year pretty much 6 months to complete our first one is fucking ridiculous lol. Everything seems much more complicated the first time you do it right?

Now I’m here, having passed my first year at Portsmouth University, beginning a whole new chapter of my life in a different place doing a different course. I was doing Biology and now I will be doing Biochemistry. I’m honestly feeling a bit cautious, I don’t know what to expect. All I know is, I’m not feeling as excited as I was for Portsmouth than I am for Kingston. But in the end I didn’t really like Portsmouth very much, so it might turn out better this time. Who knows!

Can I manage the pressures of trying to find a “home” in a new place and balancing out work and University? Not to mention, learning a bunch of things that I’ve never explored before? Let’s just see where this academic year takes me…



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