Bedroom Makeover

My first year at Portsmouth was a really interesting experience: there were many amazing nights out that involved sweaty/smelly clubs that ended with me drunk as hell picking up a pepperoni pizza on my way home with my bike – dangerous? Yes, Incredibly. There were also many nights I’d go home crying over my “boyfriend” at the time. To be honest, I wouldn’t even say my dog of an ex ruined my first year at Uni, but I wouldn’t say he made it any better either.

I’m just glad those messy nights are over and done with and I can confidently say I experienced a lot. I had a lot of fun at times, but I missed London so fucking much all the time, which took a chunk out of my bank account – due to ridiculous transport prices.

I thought to myself since I’ll be spending most of my time here, why not invest in new furniture and create my own art exhibition? Bringing my creative thoughts and ideas to life through my room has probably been the best decision I’ve made so far.


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All my furniture is white apart from my decor. There’s still a long way to go until I’m fully satisfied, but so far I love it so much. I still have a big green plant to put on the side of my dressing table, a new mirror with white borders AND also I need to install a new light system as well as new wooden flooring… That’ll all come in good time.

Your bedroom should be an opportunity to express all your unusual thoughts so that you can be reminded of what makes you, you. So if you’re thinking to redecorate your room or renovate it completely – I recommend you start now! It’ll be the best investment you’ll make.

With Love,


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