Life Without Attachment?

Unfortunately (but mainly fortunately) as I’ve matured over the years I’ve come to learn through my own and others experiences’ that everything in life is temporary. However, just because I have learnt this doesn’t mean I’ve learnt how to practise this in my everyday life – I’m still trying to acquire this ‘live in the moment’ mindset.

Admittedly, I have struggled a lot trying to let go of certain friendships, relationships and amazing phases in my life that had to come to an end. For instance, my time spent in College. I had the best two years of my life in College and it took me months and months trying to overcome the attachment I formed to the beautiful memories I made there, but thankfully, I’ve now managed to grasp the idea that nothing belongs to anyone in this world. Nothing is permanent, everything in your life that you value could be taken away from you at any moment.

So if things are going good,

Enjoy it. Cherish it. Love it…

Because it can’t last forever.

Likewise, if things are going terribly wrong;

Don’t worry

That can’t last forever either…

With Love,

P xx


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