Cheers To My Delightful Taste in Men

I always surprise myself with my impeccable ability to picking out the same exact men again and again… And I kid you not, they are all the same but in different physical forms – let’s just refer to these men as Joey ok? I’ve learnt to just face the undeniable fact that the only reason why I am subconsciously so drawn to particular fuckboy traits that most Joey’s entail, is because of the very reason I’m frightened of commitment. Just the whole relationship thing isn’t for me; so by dating someone more or less the same as me helps me avoid it.

However, it’s literally the most daunting and draining thing if you’re a walking contradiction like myself though. When you want love and affection just as much as you want an attachment-free life. Do I care if I’m not getting as much attention as I want to be getting or should I be happy that I have space?

Who knows.

I really would love to have a male-free year in 2017 though! I’m most definitely considering it…

With Love,

P xx

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