Gloomy Days


I wanted my first post in 2017 to be about everything I’ve achieved and experienced in 2016, but I just can’t seem to find the motivation or drive to write it, I just keep postponing it.

I’m still hanging from last night, don’t even ask me how. I just wanted the day to be over as soon as I woke up and started it. I’m hardly ever hungover, I guess you could say my body recovers itself well. And I never throw up. You’d never catch me in the ladies room or outside the club throwing up. I honestly don’t even like drinking too much, I like to take control of all aspects of my life and when I’m drunk I lose the capability to do that; so my mind kinda just freaks out?!

Anyways, I’ve been feeling so gloomy and dull the past few days or weeks should I say, and it’s been having quite a negative impact on Uni work, because I’m losing the drive to do anything. I’m usually so self-motivated, but I just can’t seem to motivate myself right now. With some people usually a few Instagram posts about motivation and work gets them up and going, but I don’t even know what’ll get me going.

I’m also guilty of ‘retail therapy’, except it’s not making me feel any better it’s just making me more broke. I spent so much today on clothes, almost £250. Not to mention my unexplainable and quite frankly just rude splurge on morphe makeup products. I say rude, because makeup is just getting a bit too pricey for my liking lol. So yes, not even ‘retail therapy’ seems to be lifting my spirits right now.

I guess that’s the beauty of life, you don’t know what’ll be thrown your way in order to pick yourself up from a sticky phase. ‘Patience is a virtue’.

With Love,

P xx

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