Sketch London 

January Friday the 13th 

My sister booked us reservations a while back to take us three sisters to Sketch for the 13th of January. I grew so much excitement to go after seeing so many cool images of it online. I’d say it’s like a quirky Alice in The Wonderland themed tea room that turns into a cocktail lounge in the evenings.

I finished work around 8pm on that day and I had to go buy some footwear and jeans, as I felt my work uniform just didn’t cut it for the place. Heeled boots from River Island and Jamie jeans from Topshop obviously…

I realised as I left work I couldn’t even walk properly in them and I had no idea how to get to the place. Very conveniently, my phone ran out of battery. I knew it was behind Oxford Circus somewhere so I took the bus there and I luckily found one of those guys that ride you around central with their bike to take me. It costed me only £4 so I didn’t mind at all (usually they rip you off like crazy in London). I also kinda felt like a Princess, which didn’t hurt at all hehe.

I got there in the end! And everything about it so far felt like a scene straight out of Sex and The City; I almost felt like I was Carrie with her crazy curly hair just waiting on all the girls to arrive… Man I loved that show like crazy!!!

On my arrival a lady came to show me around the place and I then checked in my jacket & bags in the cloakroom, which was also so fucking cool…


We made reservations in the Gallery


This particular room has a classic, rich 1950’s theme. It was really interesting, because you’d think the art work covering the walls would be full of emotional meaning. However, it was completely the opposite. The walls were completely covered in fun, witty and almost random art work. T’was super-duper fun. And the food was even more delicious. We had ordered steak and vegetables and it was surprisingly filling even though the size of the portions were quite small.

I think the best part of it all were the toilets… Each toilet cubicle was shaped into an egg! It also spoke to you about weird random news as you walked in…


You can’t really tell, but I’m actually standing in between two toilet cubicles :D. It’s a shame I couldn’t explore all the different rooms and bars they had stored, but I guess that could be for another time!

If you are interested in visiting sketch, visit the website –

With Love,

P xx

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