Worst Pet Peeve – Bad Customer Service

I haven’t posted in such a long time, but I’m so annoyed right now at the crappy service given by most places now in London that I just feel the need to write about it. 

Anywhere I work, whether it’s Milkshake City or Diesel in Selfridges I’ve always given the best service to my customers. I’d give extra toppings for my customers or if they weren’t satisfied with a smoothie I made them I’d add extra fruits for them, free of charge of course. 

When working in Diesel I’d make sure I check both stockrooms for the pair of jeans someone needed, even if our system said we only had one left and it was probably not in stock anymore.

I strongly believe this is how everyone should be treated no matter what you buy or where you buy it. 

However, it’s this whole “but I’m not getting paid enough” mindset that makes these good for nothing, miserable sales assistants treat you like dirt. When someone comes into the store you’re getting PAID to work in, regardless of the pay, you owe them a decent enough experience so they can potentially come back and spread the word that your store “X” has amazing and efficient service. 

Because guess what? A bad impression can screw up a business big time and whether you like it or not, your paycheck does basically depend on the how well the company sells. 

I dislike that I had to make a return on a negative note, but when I have the urge to write, I have to write. 

It’s good to be back regardless. 

With Love,

P xx

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