A Quick Turn of Events

Sometimes I get the urge to write, but I’m too hard on myself, I feel like everything I do needs to be perfect and that demotivates me, because I feel like I need to prepare myself more and more – until it gets to a point where nothing is moving in motion.

I had so many plans for this summer, I wanted to go to so many festivals, outdoor cinemas, volunteer in India, involve myself more in the fashion world, etc. However, life sometimes has different plans for you. I’m now working two jobs – again. I’ve found myself in the same exact position as this time last year, except this year it’s more intense. I’ve started working for Céline, a Parisian leather goods and ready to wear brand for women. It’s a beautiful brand and I’m so happy and thankful to have found a job there.

I’m also working in this Arabic café in Knightsbridge, a completely different world to Céline. Me being your typical Gemini, actually enjoys juggling these two completely different worlds and being exposed to so many different types of characters on a daily basis. Although I do want to quit at least 3 times a day at the café, due to the amount of demanding customers we get, I still enjoy working there.

My life’s just become so bizarre, I am selling expensive Céline lizard skin bags for £5K, exchanging business cards, putting together outfits that amount to £7K during the day, then I am running around clearing tables, serving sweets and coffee to Sheikhs, Princesses and Bankers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc during the night. I’ve developed such thick skin and grown so much these past few weeks that I feel capable of anything.

I just remember June and July being so awful that I’m thankful everyday for staying busy, being alive and earning money.

Stay blessed.

With Love,



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