The Perfect Outfit When in Paris


I’m on my lunch break right now and I just feel inspired to write.

I’ve come here for training on the brand that I’ve recently started to work for, Céline. An elegant, understated Parisian brand. LVMH group pays to send all their new brand ambassadors to Paris, with all expenses paid for to train them properly on their corresponding brands. I’m super grateful for it, because not a lot of brands do this sort of thing.

For the first time I actually truly looked forward to explore and witness another culture. Yes, sure I went to Bali and Kuala Lumpur, and yes it was great, but I wasn’t as excited for it as I currently am right now.

It has been so interesting for me to see the Parisian lifestyle, especially during Fashion Week. I feel like I’ve now become a part of a sacred fashion ritual and I can tell all my future children and grandchildren about it. Except, I’m not really A PART of it, because I’m not attending any shows, but just being a short distance away from the shows is exciting to know.

I must admit, it’s been very interesting so far. I have seen people drink more wine than eat actual food. All you can see is people seated outside café’s on the street drinking wine and just being so involved in a conversation with their friend, it’s honestly so nice to watch, except when you’re hungry as f*** and you’ve been searching for a decent restaurant to eat in for a straight hour. Us British people of course love our wine too, but we need access to food at all times ok.

I’ve only really seen Galleries Lafayette,  and that was because I needed to see the new Dior campaign. It looked amazing on Instagram, but even more beautiful in person.

 Being the idiot that I am, I forgot to save the other pictures and videos from my Instagram story unfortunately. But yes, as you can see, it’s a beautiful hot air balloon, with what looks like constellations illustrated on it.

I need to come back again for a week to see everything else this city has to offer and I want to make sure I go and see everything including the Eiffel Tower obviously as well as the Louvre Museum. I really NEED to. Lol.





Now I’m back in London, and the training has really paid off, because I had such an amazing weekend at work, I had so much new knowledge to share with my customers and they all seemed so fascinated about what the brand stands for and what makes it such a luxury brand.

We had a mix and match yesterday at work to try on new outfits to familiarise ourselves with the different cuts/fits.

I actually put this outfit together myself, I love the fact there’s such an even balance between all the colours. There’s nothing I dislike more when the colours aren’t evenly distributed in an outfit, it’s one of my pet peeves… However, this outfit is quite the opposite. 🙊

And I’ve just realised, this would’ve been a perfect outfit to wear in Paris Fashion Week. I love it… I wish I could afford it all *sighs*

Perhaps in the near future, hehe.
With Love,

P xx


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