Accidental Fashion Idea

I was midway through getting changed after work when I caught a glimpse of my turtle neck jumper half-way on and I just couldn’t help, but admire how amazing it looked.

I have no clue how to make my own knitted jumper, and I certainly don’t have the heart to experiment with this turtle neck jumper… Just in case I ruin it. Lol.

I just know I want to get my hands on the same kind of material and play around with it to make a jumper with this kind of structure. I’m also aware that there needs to be some material connecting the front of the jumper to the back – possibly a stretchy, but firm kind of material.

Ugh, I’m just in love with the way it looks like it’s wrapped around the middle section of the upper body. It looks so sexy to me.

Now… Where do I find the time to actually get this done?! 😄
With Love,

P xx

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