What could’ve been, but never was.

I feel inspired to write and usually this sudden need to write stems from emotion.

I want this be a reminder to myself and those that are reading this that we should cherish every good thing we receive as it comes and not just when we realise it’s too late to get it back…

I’ve been revisiting my past lately, and mainly all the decisions I’ve made in the past that has made me question my whole life. I guess the appropriate word to call these decisions are “mistakes”.

I don’t usually use this word “mistake”, because I don’t believe there is such a thing. Everything happens, because it is meant to happen that way and we can’t argue with it. However, I’m starting to feel the reality of this word now. We have to admit sometimes we just make stupid irrational thoughtless decisions and it is definitely considered a fucking mistake.

Please I urge all of you, once you find something good, hold on to it. Once you find someone good, make sure they know everyday. Speak your feelings, speak your truth. Don’t be afraid.

With Love,



2 thoughts on “What could’ve been, but never was.

  1. Sometimes people often go through life hoping to exhaust every possible option in fear of missing out, only to realize later that their first choice was really the best choice. Great insight!

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