I’ve felt this feeling twice before in my life, and I cannot begin to explain how beautiful it feels. It just feels sensational. For a brief moment your soul harnesses all the waves of positivity in the world and you feel like you’re in a bubble, protected from the world and all its cruelty – actually you don’t even know what this word “cruelty” means anymore. You feel euphoric.

When I’ve felt like this I’ve usually had a very vivid image in my mind and both times it was triggered by music. The first time I felt like this I was in the back of my sisters car, we were listening to Happy Endings – Faul and I closed my eyes to just enjoy the moment. Shortly after I closed my eyes I started to have what felt like a “flashback” of me driving in a convertible car, on a motorway in a place that looked like the Grand Canyon. My hair was blowing away, and one hand was on the steering wheel and one was hanging out. It felt like a memory, and it still does. It feels like I’ve already created this memory and I am so familiar to it. I was truly and extremely happy in this exact moment, nothing could make me feel any different.

The second time I felt like this was last month when I was in Rome. A man was playing on a instrument that sounded so beautiful. The atmosphere in Rome honestly felt so beautiful anyway, I felt so connected with Earth in the few days that I was there. All of a sudden, I looked off into the distance and I could feel myself entering this bubble, I felt euphoric and for some strange reason I felt “motherhood”. I know this sounds bizarre, but I experienced something that felt like a memory; I could see myself as a mother and I felt so content. In that exact moment, I felt like nothing could bring me more happiness other than my children. This is very strange to me, as I’ve never felt maternal before. I’ve never felt the need to procreate before, I mean I love love LOVE children! I think they are so great, but I feel like that part of my life is so very far away, so it’s just so strange that I felt like this.

I felt very awakened in these moments that I’ve just shared with you and they are so precious to me. I still don’t know what they mean, and why it happened, but whenever I think about it I feel so excited and positive about life – even more than usual.

If you’ve had similar experiences, please share with me!! I would love to know.


With love,



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