Time For Development

I’ve found myself in a very strange situation in my life. I finished University nearly 1 month ago. I actually remember how I felt on the exact day I had my last presentation. I could just breathe normally without feeling a huge weight on my chest. I’m so so happy that part of my life is absolutely over. I couldn’t take it anymore, I was so determined to just never look at another textbook again.

However, that’s all great – but I’m thinking where is my life headed now? A part of me wants to work for Chanel for a while, as that’s the only brand that I’ve always been so passionately obsessed about and another part of me wants to get into my career as a Biochemist so that I can move out of my parents house and I could just have my own living space with a steady income… Then another (reckless) part of me wants to just move to New York and experience this beautiful/mesmerising city.

I have so much to think about and so much to plan… America has already rejected my visa, but apparently there’s another way to go about it. I’m still trying to figure it out, but it honestly gives me a headache.

All I know is, I’ve always been defined by my education until this point in my life. I’ve always stopped myself from doing what I want, because “I have Uni tomorrow”… or “I have to apply for a new University” or… ” I can’t possibly go out and have a social life… I need to get the best grade that I can in this”.

It’s now time for development, enlightenment; it’s time to learn myself.

It’s all very exciting and very scary at the same time. Who am I even?

With Love,


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