My side job became my main job and now I hate it

I started working at Celine as a part-timer about a year ago and I was thoroughly enjoying it until a month or two ago when I finished University. I genuinely used to look forward to going into work every weekend, because it was like a fun escape from my never-ending assignments, labs and exam-prep.

So now that I’ve finished University and I’m graduating this month, I’ve started to work full-time at Celine, and I swear to all the Holy spirits and God if it weren’t because of money I’d leave this job today with no second thoughts (isn’t that the reason for most of us working anyway? really sad tbh). The past month or so has really made me realise just how much I need Β to quit retail and start my career.

I’ve been applying to jobs at least once a day and I’ve never felt more eager to start something. I am completely baffled as to how some people can finish University and tell themselves that they will stay in retail for another year or two and then they start their career. My God, if I didn’t hand in my notice for next month I genuinely would have started screaming at all the customers that come in asking for the SAME SHIT EVERYDAY.

I need to leave. I need to grow. I need to learn more about this world we’re living in today. I need to advance my skills and make a difference to this world.

I cannot be ordinary.


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