The Parts You Don’t See on My Instagram

We're always so quick to share the most 'attractive' parts of our lives with people, our new haircut, the car we just bought, a successful night out with our friends, the amazing new bag we just bought etc. But, we don't ever share just maybe how many months of struggle it took to finally buy … Continue reading The Parts You Don’t See on My Instagram

Accidental Fashion Idea

I was midway through getting changed after work when I caught a glimpse of my turtle neck jumper half-way on and I just couldn't help, but admire how amazing it looked. I have no clue how to make my own knitted jumper, and I certainly don't have the heart to experiment with this turtle neck … Continue reading Accidental Fashion Idea

The Perfect Outfit When in Paris

27/09/17 I'm on my lunch break right now and I just feel inspired to write. I've come here for training on the brand that I've recently started to work for, CĂ©line. An elegant, understated Parisian brand. LVMH group pays to send all their new brand ambassadors to Paris, with all expenses paid for to train … Continue reading The Perfect Outfit When in Paris

Unavoidable bad days

Changes I'm trying so hard to make this blog become a daily thing, but I can't help but have such a busy fucking schedule. I can't wait until I quit this Milkshake City job and just focus on University and Diesel. I don't know about most of you, but I love having structure in my … Continue reading Unavoidable bad days


Letting go of friendships as you grow more self aware It's strange when you've been friends with someone for such a long time, but suddenly one day you wake up and realise your energies just aren't compatible anymore. I've recently detached myself from so many people, because I just don't feel like I'm not on … Continue reading Friends?