Accidental Fashion Idea

I was midway through getting changed after work when I caught a glimpse of my turtle neck jumper half-way on and I just couldn't help, but admire how amazing it looked. I have no clue how to make my own knitted jumper, and I certainly don't have the heart to experiment with this turtle neck … Continue reading Accidental Fashion Idea

The Perfect Outfit When in Paris

27/09/17 I'm on my lunch break right now and I just feel inspired to write. I've come here for training on the brand that I've recently started to work for, Céline. An elegant, understated Parisian brand. LVMH group pays to send all their new brand ambassadors to Paris, with all expenses paid for to train … Continue reading The Perfect Outfit When in Paris

Worst Pet Peeve – Bad Customer Service

I haven't posted in such a long time, but I'm so annoyed right now at the crappy service given by most places now in London that I just feel the need to write about it. Anywhere I work, whether it's Milkshake City or Diesel I've always given the best service to my customers. I'd give … Continue reading Worst Pet Peeve – Bad Customer Service

Modern Dating? 

As a young 20-year-old woman I'm pretty much living in the thickest part of modernised hook-up culture. Dating has gone from men picking up their telephone and asking a woman to go out on a date with graceful dining and thoughtful gestures; to gradually being overtaken by mindless chatter over SMS/WhatsApp until the man, or woman decides to include … Continue reading Modern Dating? 


Last year around October I came across these beautiful embroidered denim jeans by Gucci (as shown in the picture underneath) that inspired me to create my own embroidered denim. It took me quite a while to actually get started with the whole process, but now that I've started and finished my first pair it's become … Continue reading “DIY” FASHION WHEN BROKE! MISSION EMBROIDERY

Cheers To My Delightful Taste in Men

I always surprise myself with my impeccable ability to picking out the same exact men again and again... And I kid you not, they are all the same but in different physical forms - let's just refer to these men as Joey ok? I've learnt to just face the undeniable fact that the only reason … Continue reading Cheers To My Delightful Taste in Men

Life Without Attachment?

Unfortunately (but mainly fortunately) as I've matured over the years I've come to learn through my own and others experiences' that everything in life is temporary. However, just because I have learnt this doesn't mean I've learnt how to practise this in my everyday life - I'm still trying to acquire this 'live in the moment' mindset. Admittedly, I have … Continue reading Life Without Attachment?

Bedroom Makeover

My first year at Portsmouth was a really interesting experience: there were many amazing nights out that involved sweaty/smelly clubs that ended with me drunk as hell picking up a pepperoni pizza on my way home with my bike - dangerous? Yes, Incredibly. There were also many nights I'd go home crying over my "boyfriend" at the time. To … Continue reading Bedroom Makeover

Kingston University?

I made it my mission this summer to apply for a second year transfer to a University in London, where I'll be close to home and honestly my heart will always be in London (for now anyway). I wrote a personal statement and completed my UCAS application in pretty much just one day. 29th of … Continue reading Kingston University?