I've felt this feeling twice before in my life, and I cannot begin to explain how beautiful it feels. It just feels sensational. For a brief moment your soul harnesses all the waves of positivity in the world and you feel like you're in a bubble, protected from the world and all its cruelty - … Continue reading Enlightenment

Time For Development

I've found myself in a very strange situation in my life. I finished University nearly 1 month ago. I actually remember how I felt on the exact day I had my last presentation. I could just breathe normally without feeling a huge weight on my chest. I'm so so happy that part of my life … Continue reading Time For Development


Dear People of The Internet, Your girl (me lol) was bored one day and thought to iron on some floral patches on her beloved Levi's denim jacket. This could've gone really bad, or good. I say this, because this denim jacket has been with me through the best times of my life in college and I didn't want … Continue reading DIY EMBROIDERED DENIM JACKET MISSION: COMPLETE

You’re the coffee that I need in the morning

I've now returned to my old lovey-dovey playlist I created last year on my phone, and have made some additions to the collection. I highly recommend listening to Daniel Caesar, his voice is so soothing and melodic. I reckon he could even make people with the coldest hearts feel something. I've just been in such … Continue reading You’re the coffee that I need in the morning

Kingston University?

I made it my mission this summer to apply for a second year transfer to a University in London, where I'll be close to home and honestly my heart will always be in London (for now anyway). I wrote a personal statement and completed my UCAS application in pretty much just one day. 29th of … Continue reading Kingston University?

The Art of Selfies – Short Story

I'll write about my time there in detail on another post. This time last year, my beloved cousin took my depression into deep consideration and wrote me a short story to lift my spirits. And it honestly did and it still does to this day! It's honestly amazing LOL! Paria and the Omelette "I can't … Continue reading The Art of Selfies – Short Story

How to perform “DIY fashion” when broke

I haven't posted in such a long time (about like a week), only because I've kinda been busy with Uni and work... It gets hectic sometimes. Anyways, I've recently found myself growing intense love for embroidered denim. I fell in love with these Gucci jeans not long ago and now I can't stop obsessing over … Continue reading How to perform “DIY fashion” when broke