No two people are the same

Something I've always had trouble understanding ever since I can remember is why people sometimes force their own life experiences and opinions on others - completely assuming that you will have the same experience as them. No Janette, I will not also "definitely hate the cheesecake that they sell at the cafe down the road" … Continue reading No two people are the same

How Beautiful The Heart is When We Have The Courage To Show it

This quote means a lot to me and I think I will always feel a deep connection it. It may be because I rarely have the courage to reveal my heart, as I've previously learnt that even when you show it in its purest form, it can be taken for granted. I've promised myself I … Continue reading How Beautiful The Heart is When We Have The Courage To Show it

You’re the coffee that I need in the morning

I've now returned to my old lovey-dovey playlist I created last year on my phone, and have made some additions to the collection. I highly recommend listening to Daniel Caesar, his voice is so soothing and melodic. I reckon he could even make people with the coldest hearts feel something. I've just been in such … Continue reading You’re the coffee that I need in the morning

Worst Pet Peeve – Bad Customer Service

I haven't posted in such a long time, but I'm so annoyed right now at the crappy service given by most places now in London that I just feel the need to write about it. Anywhere I work, whether it's Milkshake City or Diesel I've always given the best service to my customers. I'd give … Continue reading Worst Pet Peeve – Bad Customer Service

Modern Dating? 

As a young 20-year-old woman I'm pretty much living in the thickest part of modernised hook-up culture. Dating has gone from men picking up their telephone and asking a woman to go out on a date with graceful dining and thoughtful gestures; to gradually being overtaken by mindless chatter over SMS/WhatsApp until the man, or woman decides to include … Continue reading Modern Dating? 

Life Without Attachment?

Unfortunately (but mainly fortunately) as I've matured over the years I've come to learn through my own and others experiences' that everything in life is temporary. However, just because I have learnt this doesn't mean I've learnt how to practise this in my everyday life - I'm still trying to acquire this 'live in the moment' mindset. Admittedly, I have … Continue reading Life Without Attachment?